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Rented and Leasehold apartments in central Sevenoaks, Kent
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Co-operative and Community Benefit Society: 13507R
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    It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin, physical disability, gender or marital status. Rockdale Housing Association keeps records so that it can ensure compliance with the legislation. If you choose not to answer this question, your application will not be affected in any way.

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    Rockdale rented apartments

    There are 123 rented apartments at Rockdale situated in Rockdale Road, Sevenoaks. 80 of these are studio apartments and 43 have a separate bedroom and living room. All rented apartments are self-contained with individual kitchens and bathrooms. Most blocks are arranged on two floors, some with a lift and the Beatrice Wilson block of apartments is arranged on three floors, all having lift access.

    Rockdale leasehold apartments

    There are currently 28 leasehold apartments in Akehurst Lane, Sevenoaks in two blocks; Webbs Meadow and Constant Meadow. There are 26 two bedroom and 2 one bedroom apartments and they are all self-contained. They are all accessible by stairs or stairlift with the exception of one apartment. There are a further 29 leasehold apartments on the main Rockdale Road site of which 18 have 2 bedrooms and 11 will have one bedroom. They will all be accessible by lift and stairs.

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    You can choose someone else to act on your behalf if you wish. If you name someone here, we will send all correspondence to them and phone them if we need to:


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    Does one or more of the criteria listed below apply, or has it applied during the last 6 years to any applicant?

    I confirm that the details given in this application are true. I understand that if I have knowingly or recklessly given any false information, or withheld information in connection with this application, my accommodation may be repossessed by virtue of Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1985 (as amended).

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    If you contact us about your housing options and/or your housing application we will use your personal data to:

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    Which third parties and/or other agencies we may refer you to will depend on your personal situation, but may include:

    • Social services and related agencies

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    • Your doctor or associated doctor's surgery staff

    • Housing associations

    • Other departments within Rockdale Housing (including members of our Care and Assessment Committee in order to complete assessments)

    • The Home Office

    This list is not exhaustive, and we may need to use your data to refer you to other third parties and/or other agencies.

    Rockdale will seek my explicit consent to process and share personal or sensitive data about me with a third party if it is not deemed essential for the housing application to be assessed.

    I understand that I may withdraw my consent to the processing and sharing of my non-essential data at any point and a member of staff will explain any implications associated this decision.

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