Life at Rockdale would not be the same without the valuable help of our volunteers, who commit their spare time and skills in many different ways.

How you can help will depend on how much time you have available, whether this time is regular or ad hoc, what skills you can bring to Rockdale, and how these match up with our needs.

Broadly, volunteering falls into two categories.

Firstly, a number of activities and services which benefit Rockdale residents directly depend greatly on volunteer effort. Examples include the Rockdale Choir, the Art Club, Computer Club, the church service, and the sales trolley in Rockdale House. Any specific needs we have today to keep these services going will be listed under the heading Volunteer Opportunities which you will see on the left.

New initiatives from volunteers are always welcome. A local school put on a special performance of the Wizard of Oz for Rockdale! If you have your own ideas that would benefit our residents, please tell us your thoughts.

Secondly, volunteers are always welcome to lend a hand at our fund-raising events and other initiatives. If you want to register your name as an ad hoc helper, just let us know. If you can spare a bit more time and would be willing to join a small committee to help organise a fundraising event, we would especially like to hear from you.

Volunteering at Rockdale is a sociable activity, and you will make many new friends as well as helping us to enhance the services we offer to residents.


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