Life at Rockdale would not be the same without the valuable help of our volunteers, who commit their spare time and skills in many different ways.

How you can help will depend on how much time you have available, whether this time is regular or ad hoc, what skills you can bring to Rockdale, and how these match up with our needs. Volunteering can fall into a number of categories:

April 2019

** Volunteering opportunities at Rockdale House, our residential care home for senior living in Sevenoaks. **

Do you have time to spare each week?

Have you any special interests such as music, cooking, literature, gardening, politics, languages, travel, art, or simply some spare time to come and chat to our residents?

If you would like to enhance the lives of our residents, we would very much like to hear from you 🙂

We can offer you a warm welcome and a lovely environment for you to share your interests and skills and where you can be part of the team.

Please contact Denise Tucker for more information on 01732 458762 or email denise.tucker@rockdale.org.uk.

Activities and Clubs

A number of activities and services which benefit Rockdale residents directly depend greatly on volunteer effort. Examples include Rockdale Choir, Art Club, Computer Club, Church Service and the Mobile Shop in Rockdale House. We can always do with a helping hand with these activities, however, if you have a skill/interest that you would like to share with us then please let us know as we would love to offer new clubs and classes to our residents. This could include:

  • Exercise classes or games; we have ample space in our common rooms
  • Cookery or baking; we have a fully fitted kitchen
  • Art and crafts; we have lots of knitters and artists bursting with creativity
  • Music; many of our residents have hidden talents
  • Discussions/literature; our residents have such interesting and diverse backgrounds
  • Helping at our regular coffee mornings
  • Gardening; we have lots of green fingers that love playing in the dirt

Performances and Presentations

Perhaps you are a local business or organisation that wants to share your products, abilities or interests with our Residents for one evening? We have had school performances of the Wizard of Oz and local choirs come to perform Christmas Carols for us as well as local businesses doing chocolate or wine tasting…the possibilities are endless! If you have your own ideas we would love to hear from you.

Lending a Helping Hand

If you have more time to spare and would like to be further involved with Rockdale we appreciate the difference that volunteers can make to day to day life, especially in our residential home. All volunteer activities help to engage and stimulate our residents and this is particularly important in the home where residents do not go out and about as frequently. There are many different ways you can help and the best way to see if these are suitable to Rockdale House is to contact us and speak to a member of our team. This could include reading with a resident, doing their shopping for them, arts and crafts, gardening, singing, table top games, hand massage or simply becoming a friend and making a regular phone call to them. Please do get in touch and find out how you can make a difference to our residents.

Please see our current vacancies for positions we specifically require volunteers for.

To speak to a member of staff about ways you can volunteer at Rockdale please get in touch by emailing us at enquiries@rockdale.org.uk.