Leasehold Accommodation


We know you value your independence so Rockdale has built a portfolio of properties for residents who want to know that their home is their own.

Rockdale has invested significantly in its leasehold portfolio in recent years by building two brand new properties on Rockdale Road. Spread out over two sites, in close proximity to one another, there are now four blocks of leasehold apartments; two on our main site on Rockdale Road and two on Akehurst Lane which is situated on the edge of Knole Park looking out onto the surrounding fields and woodland.

Service and support charges are payable each month by all leaseholders and cover the upkeep of communal areas, as well as maintenance of the gardens, laundry rooms, lifts and external window cleaning.

Webbs Meadow

Webbs Meadow is comprised of 16 two-bedroomed and 2 one-bedroomed apartments across four buildings on Akehurst Lane. The first floors are all accessible via stairs and lifts. There are well maintained gardens on all aspects as well as private parking available.

Constant Meadow

Constant Meadow is situated next to Webbs Meadow and contains 10 two-bedroomed apartments with the first floors also accessible via stairs and lifts. There is also a common room for the use of all Rockdale residents which has seating, a kitchen and views out onto the gardens. There is also a drying room available for use by all Akehurst Lane residents.


Summerbank sits behind The Lodge on Rockdale Road. It consists of 9 two-bedroomed and 1 one-bedroomed apartments with the first floor accessible via stairs and a lift. Some of the ground floor flats enjoy a small outside space whilst others have wonderful views across trees and fields out of Sevenoaks.

Laurie House

Laurie House was the first building to be converted into homes for the elderly by Miss Beatrice Wilson, our founder. She purchased this magnificent, old house in 1953 and opened it to elderly residents from Sevenoaks. Today it has been developed into 8 two-bedroomed and 3 one-bedroomed beautiful flats. The building has also been added to by means of a brand new block of 1 two-bedroomed and 7 one-bedroomed flats many of which enjoy views from a Juliet balcony. Stairs and lifts make all floors accessible.

Priority Bands are categorised from A-D with applicants in category A having the highest priority and those in band D the lowest. Needs are assessed in five areas; housing tenure, current accommodation, medical health, social and welfare needs and your financial situation. Couples will be assessed and banded separately and the highest priority applied. If your circumstances change once your application has been banded you must let us know so that we can review your application. We may ask you to complete a new application form to ensure your banding is correct if your application is over two years old.

Bidding processes then come into place. Bidding does not involve any financial transaction; it simply means that you have expressed your interest in a property. All ‘bids’ will then be reviewed and the highest priority or person who has been waiting longest in the highest band will be notified to view the property. There is no limit to how many properties you may bid for and you will not be penalised for bidding and then refusing a property.


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